Focusing Too Much On Details Can Hinder Your BJJ Progress

Focusing Too Much On Details Can Hinder Your BJJ Progress

When you start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you first learn the most simple of moves and principles. But as you move up the ladder – as you progress and become better – simplicity tends to become second in priority… While the focus on details takes first place.
Brian Glick, a John Danaher black belt, explains why this is so:

Nuance and simplicity: at the outset, we need the simplest solution we can find. Once we’re moving, though, things look different – we realize very quickly that even the best plan needs subtle adjustments in the moment. This is where nuance comes in.

Working with nuance requires that you pay attention. It’s recognizing that you need to change the angle on your guard pass; that your submission attempt needs a setup. That your first defensive impulse might not be your best one.
It’s the patience to respond to what’s happening so the solution can take hold.

However, focusing too much on the details can also become a problem:

Too much nuance is also a problem. We develop tunnel vision and get bogged down in complexities, unable to connect the dots.
Instead of making progress on a challenge, nothing actually happens because there are too many particulars.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple, at least in theory: the proper mix and timing of both simplicity and details.

To effectively answer most problems we face, we need to work with BOTH SIMPLICITY AND NUANCE.

Our general approach goes like this: your strategy needs to be simple and you need to have certainty about the plan. Your tactics, on the other hand, need to be layered and multi-dimension so you can actually reach the goal.
When you work with both, you’re more likely to meet your goals.


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