First Para Jiu-Jitsu Athlete Was Featured On Fight To Win Card

First Para Jiu-Jitsu Athlete Was  Featured On Fight To Win Card



Fight To Win Pro has crossed a very interesting landmark. For the first time in 40+ editions it was set to feature a para jiu jitsu athlete.

Tyler Brey comped against Ryan Jennerjohn!

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Brey said:

“It’s a huge honor for me to be the first para jiu jitsu athlete to compete on the Fight to Win stage!” says Brey. “I fully intend on winning tonight, but more than anything, I want to represent jiu-jitsu well. This sport can be adapted to anyone regardless of your limitations and abilities. If you are determined and stubborn enough to stick around long term, you will eventually figure out a style that works for you.”

Match ended up going to a decision:

Ryan Jennerjohn defeats Tyler Brey decision


Full results:

Fight To Win Pro 58 Results
Fights Paid $36,917 in purses & commission

Black Belt Results
Vagner Rocha defeats Dustin Akbari Split Decision
Marcos Torregrosa defeats Dom Hoskins Armbar
Davin Maxwell defeats AJ Fonseca Split Decision
Eliot Kelly defeats David Mitchell Knee Bar
Jaime Jara defeats Bryan Pangelinan Reverse Triangle SOTN
Rich Bothun defeats Louie Moreno Split Decision FOTN
Elizabeth Katherine Mitrović defeats Sara Fearon Decision
Daryl Rocky Fort defeats Aaron Martinez Face Crank
Chad Bingham defeats Kolo Vida Decision
Shawn Cox defeats Tim Freeman Armbar
Ronin Jiu- Jitsu defeats Billy Ray Chubbs Decision
Marcus Boness defeats James Cotter Split Decision
Nicholas Greene defeats David Mitchell Split Decision FOTN
Pati Fontes Tinley defeats Livia Gluchowska Decision

Brown Belt Results
Garrett Aldrich defeats Rich Goodwin Armbar
Fabricio Assis defeats Mikey Hothi Decision FOTN
Pedro Silva defeats Chuy Moreno Straight Ankle Lock SOTN
Ryan Jennerjohn defeats Tyler Brey decision

Joshua Cha defeats Brandon Alexander RnC
Barber John defeats Fernando Cacal Decision
Daniel Wuerthner defeats Sam Tanner Omaplata SOTN
Anthony Mercado defeats Josef De La Vega Kimura
Rebecca Tomada defeats Courtney Dubois Decision
Kevin Schnepp defeats JB Bautista Toe Hold
Keith LaCasse defats Roque Reyes Decision
Andrew Chesmore defeats David Acosta Decision FOTN

Reese Hobby Defeats Madison Irwin Decision
William Tackett defeats Cyrus Foster Triangle FOTN
Hannah “The Cheetah” Ripper defats Calise SOlla Armbar
Rachel Sedillos defeats Gaby Gomez Armbar
Helaina Moisant defeats Maile Hoch Armbar SOTN
Hector Morales defats Jonah Fogg Decision