Firas Zahabi Went On Joe Rogan Podcast – Must Watch For All Martial Art Fans

Firas Zahabi Went On Joe Rogan Podcast – Must Watch For All Martial Art Fans

Firas Zahabi is one of the most respected coaches alive now. The John Danaher black belt has long been at the helm of Tristar – Canada’s MMA Powerhouse.

There’s much to Firas’ style of both grappling and coaching and his philosophical approach is very well rounded. After all he is a philosophy major.

How to balance the weight so that’s it’s on bones and muscle and not on ligaments:

“When I’m carrying weight I need to never have it on my tendons and my ligaments. ”

“Front squatting will make you have a great guard. He’s talking about mobility to squat down really low in a front squat will help your guard not necessarily like a big lift… I think he was talking about having incredible mobility in your hips… The best guard players always have good flexibility in their hips. ”

“I feel better now than when I was 25. At 25, 26 I was really beat up. I was really hey my knees, my back, my neck. I was training every day twice a day it was gruelling. After I went to that system I came back out fresh and now whenever I have a little tweak or anything like that I take care of it immediately”

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You can watch the entire podcast below


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