Firas Zahabi: “Every Man Must Be Able To Fight”

Firas Zahabi: “Every Man Must Be Able To Fight”

Firas Zahabi believes that every man should learn how to fight. Why?
Because, in his words, men are programmed for two major things – providing and fighting.

Zahabi explains why:

My son is very interested in fighting, very interested in training. 95% of my gym…

Why? [Because] men want to learn how to defend themselves. Because, men are really programmed for two major things.
One, providing and two, defending.

He doesn’t believe that those who say the opposite are saying the truth:

People are going to tell you it’s not true, people out there are gonna tell you that there’s equality in every and which way… And it’s not true.

I don’t care how woke generations become, I don’t care how wise people think they are.
At the end of the day, men must master two functions: you have to be able to provide and you must be able to fight.

He mentions Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, as an example:

Look at Zuckerberg… Even Zuckerberg, a billionaire, he’s worth billions. Even he started doing MMA.

It’s amazing. The guy is so rich, [but] he is going to get down and dirty now. Get on the floor, get choked, get slammed on the ground, get punched in the face…
He’s a billionaire, he’ll never have to [fight] his entire life. He can have 24/7 hour security around him, the most dangerous guys surrounding him.

[So] why is Zuckerberg putting on MMA gloves, getting smacked around by some guy, getting choked, getting pinned down on the ground… Why do you think Zuckerberg is doing that?

Because in his heart of hearts, in his mind, in his deepest psyche – he knows that he has to learn how to fight.

Firas Zahabi dives deeper into his reasoning on the video below:

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