Finish More People Using the Omoplata with Tom DeBlass

Finish More People Using the Omoplata with Tom DeBlass

The Omoplata position is very strong, but have you are actually submitting anybody with the Omoplata?
Omoplata is one of the most famous and powerful submission attacks in BJJ and submission fighting, but it is usually used as a sweep or reversal (especially in No-Gi), rather than a brutal shoulder-lock submission.

Why is Omoplata so difficult to do?

Well, with the Omoplata control is a relatively easy to control your opponent.
But to complete the omoplata, your hips must basically go over and into the opponent’s shoulders to hold them down, while twisting the shoulders with your legs.

Omoplata can be regarded as Kimura with legs.

No Gi Bad world champion Tom Deblas is has had great success with Omoplata submissions in various competitions.
Compared with the methods you may have taught in the past, his method is a bit unique.
In this instructional video by BJJ Fanatics, Tom Deblass decomposes 3 subs and 1 powerful Jiu-Jitsu sweep.

Here’s the video of Tom Deblass breaking down how he sets up the omoplata with overhook control and the shoulder pin; and then shows 3 submissions off the omoplata position:

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