Finding The Best Gear For BJJ Performance

Finding The Best Gear For BJJ Performance

BJJ isn’t just what you see on the mat. It involves consistent and strenuous training, mental preparation, and intense exercise plans that reach all of your muscle groups. Optimizing on your training and exercise means faster gains and increased performance when it comes time to engage in a match. The professionals know that faulty or improper gear can weigh you down when working out.


Below are some of the best tips for setting yourself up with good gear for training. With this equipment, you can outperform and outlast your competitors, and deepen your overall experience with BJJ.


Aquatic Training Means Waterproofing Your Gear


Many BJJ fighters take to the gym to get in a workout. Swimming can be the perfect way to utilize all of your muscle groups and get in a long, cardio-heavy workout without breaking a sweat.


Before you start working out and training in the water, you forget how much you rely on technology during exercise. Without the luxury of having your phone on you, you can’t track reps, measure time, or compare your stats.


Victor Dietrich narrows down the best waterproof smartwatches here. These will fulfill the need for a smartphone without malfunctioning underwater. This way, you can measure results and set workout goals, rather than aimlessly swim laps.


Bring Your Training Home With You


Every aspect of a dedicated athlete’s life is affected by their sport. With BJJ, it is important to engage in training whenever possible. This can be difficult if your life suddenly gets busy and you’re enrolled in classes or employed. You might not have time some days to commute to and from the gym. For this reason, it is always important to be sure you have at-home workout gear readily available.


While this set of weights or treadmill might not be optimal for everyday use, it can serve you in times that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get a workout in. You never have to miss out on training when you have your very own gear available at home. It also makes it more difficult to procrastinate or put off your daily training session when all you need to do is walk into the other room to get started.


Suit Up For Safety


Whether in a training match or sparring, proper safety gear is what keeps you protected. An injury can slow your training down by requiring healing time. To avoid setbacks like this, invest in the appropriate safety gear, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. Odds are that some time, you’ll regret not adding it to your gym bag.


Some common gear that helps to prevent injury or discomfort during BJJ training includes:


  • Rashguard
  • Cup/groin guard
  • Ear guard
  • Grappling socks
  • Mouthguard
  • Knee pads


Some of this gear is protective, and some of it is preventative. Using these essentials in even casual practice matches will help you avoid injury. While it may not be required in some gyms, it is a smart choice to invest in this gear use it regardless. Injuries will set you back weeks of training.


How Will You Prepare For the Next Fight?


There are hundreds of unique methods of training for BJJ, but you need the right tools to actually see results and stay competitive. Suiting up with the proper gear and safety resources is an investment that will improve your overall fitness, strength, agility, and performance.


Improve your workouts with waterproof watches, at-home equipment, and protective gear. You’ll be able to work out in new and efficient ways, succeed even when strapped for time, and avoid time-consuming and painful injuries.