Finally Escape Side Control By Using This Simple Technique

Finally Escape Side Control By Using This Simple Technique

Uhhh… Stuck in Side Control again? Yeah, we hear you – it’s not fun. And it’s even less fun if you’re stuck under a heavier opponent. Especially if your Side Control escapes aren’t that good to begin with.
That’s why it’s so important to refine your technique; and to add new escape techniques to the repertoire. Here’s one such move – an extremely efficient and simple one – as demonstrated by Nick “Chewy” Albin.



Before you get into the details of Chewy’s technique, it’s vital that you learn and understand the two key points that make up for a successful Side Control escape:

  1. Fight for the inside position. When you’re getting out of Side Control, you need to regain inside position by all means necessary. What this means, for starters, is that you’ve got to get your frames in. It doesn’t matter how difficult that turns out to be. You simply have to do it; because, without frames, you’ll keep getting crushed.
    Then, once your frames are in, your second objective is (more often than not) going to be regaining inside control with your legs. This is done by bringing in your legs between your opponent and yourself.
  2. Don’t push them away. A mistake that a lot of beginners make (and quite a bit of intermediate athletes) is that they try to escape Side Control by essentially bench-pressing their opponents away.
    This simply doesn’t work. Instead, you’ve got to fight for the angles under which you’ll push yourself away from them instead.

The way Chewy does that in this technique is first by bridging into his training partner, while simultaneously pushing him away at an angle.
Watch the technique and take notes. It works tremendously well!