Fighter Claims Conor McGregor ‘overshadowed’ his Bellator bout, Influenced Stoppage

Fighter Claims Conor McGregor ‘overshadowed’ his Bellator bout, Influenced Stoppage



Conor McGregor seems to be a spectacle wherever he goes – and even if he’s not actually featured on the card. Vivacious irishman recently attended Bellator card set in Dublin, Ireland.

Conor McGregor Jumps Into Bellator Cage, Scuffles With Ref

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However the fighter whose fight it was was disheartened because apparently this happened:

“I think there was a lot of panic in the ring as soon as he got in there. I think everybody was just concerned with getting him out of there as quickly as possible,” Redmond said.

“Marc Goddard was going to let the fight go into the second, but then the commission seemed to overrule his decision. I think that decision was swayed because of the circus and madness that was going down at the time. It was just a mad scene. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“I felt like I was bullying Charlie in there,” Redmond said. “He can say what he wants after the fight, but look at the footage. He took me down, I used my jiu-jitsu to get back to my feet and I felt I dominated him for the whole fight.

“I’m not trying to say that the shot didn’t catch me, but by no means was I out. It was right at the end of the round and I think I deserved to go into the second. Maybe if that madness didn’t go down I would have got that.

“A rematch is the right way to go with this and I think after all the interest our first fight generated it would be something Bellator would like to do.”

and as for McGregor and his altercation with the ref:

“He was still trying to say, ‘keep going,’ and it’s that same referee (Marc Goddard) who I lost me head with (at UFC Gdansk). I said, ‘It’s you, you rat.’ He nearly f—ng crapped his jocks.”