Fight To Win Pro 17 Results

Fight To Win Pro 17 Results



Latest edition of Fight To Win Pro just concluded. In the main event Joao Gabriel Rocha was facing James Puopolo. Puopolo started the fight coming off strong and asserting himself in standup.

But following couple of failed takedown attempts and a guard-pull to armbar failure took the wind out of his sails for a bit so the rest of the mach was slightly different. Rocha passed James’ guard several times only to be returned to half guard and a sweeping tug of war that ensued.

Since there was no sub for the duration of the match the ref’s decision awarded the victory to Rocha.

Elsewhere there were plenty of decisions – the only black belt fight to end in submission was the Lucas Pinheiro victory over Joao Pedro Somalia via head and arm guillotine. Here’s an exciting clip from earlier in that fight


Complete results:

 Black Belt Results
Joao Gabriel Rocha defeats James Puopolo Decision
Alex Martins defeats Albert Hughes Split Decision
Eddie Ricardo defeats Michael Alexander decision
Seth Norman defeats Leonado Machado Decision
Jeff Owen defeats Ivan Bosovich Decision
Lucas Pinheiro defeats Joao Pedro Somalia head and arm FOTN
Levi Mowles defeats Dennis Thomas decision

Brown Belt Results

That was some nasty jiu-jitsu. #bjj #jiujiutsu

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Jordan Shepler defeats Dan Zalewiski RNC
Edmacion Moraes defeats Troy Russel Decision
Loronz Marion defeats Jonathan Hunter decision FOTN
Vinny Saenz defeats Mauricio Lozano Bow and Arrow SOTN
Ryan Kovach defeats Nathan Hallford Foot Lock
Jamiandchris Nelson defeats Blake Dvorak decision

Purple Belt Results
Chelsah’ Lyons defeats Brittney Elkin decision
Bobby Alexander defeats Josuah Sutton Triangle Armbar
Travis Clark defeats Flaco Flores decision
Victória Maciel Antelante defeats Nikki Sullvan decision
Benjamin Annunziato defeats Wes Arnold decision
Dakota Ranallo defeats matthew barry foot lock
Matheus Gabriel defeats Mario Espindola armbar
Michael Salazar defeats Westin Vance Decision FOTN
Martin Rojas defeats Rhyan Young SOTN KIMURA
Wally Thompson DEFEATS AUSTIN FORSYTHE triangle

Jessie Crane defeats Madison Wolfe decision

You can watch the replay of the event on Flograppling!