Felipe Pena Submitted, Kaynan Duarte Crowned & More Kasai

Felipe Pena Submitted, Kaynan Duarte Crowned & More Kasai

Felipe Pena had a really bad weekend. The ADCC Absolute king got his knee injured during a particularly nasty heel hook by the hand of Tex Johnson of Unity.

The heel hook was slapped on tight and Pena had no choice but to tap. Sadly for Tex – he was outdone on points by Kaynan Duarte in the finals:

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Kasai Pro 5 Champion! Very happy to come out victorious in this challenging event, I fight and train for moments like these. I want to thank @kasaigrappling for the invite and congratulate them on the excellent event they ran! I’m also very grateful for all the people that cheered for me and helped me prepare for this challenge. – – Campeão Kasai Pro 5! Muito feliz de vencer mais esse desafio, luto e treino para ter momentos como esse! Quero agradecer ao @kasaigrappling pelo convite e parabenizar pelo excelente evento. Sou muito grato também a todos que torceram e que me ajudaram a me preparar pra mais esse desafio. #kasai #bjj #jiujitsu 📸 @flograppling – – @atosjiujitsuhq @progressjj @redbowie18 @lucasbarbosajj @galvaobjj

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In other news Marcus Tinoco of MGA defeated Romulo Barral – 4×1
Additionally Edwin Najmi also lost to Dante Leon this time by rear naked choke
In the only female superfight of the card Maysa Bastos bested Fiona Watson

Among other noteworthy match ups Kaynan Duarte managed to submit Craig Jones who was none too pleased about coming in third.

Group 1
Felipe Pena defeated Valdir Araújo by 2×1
Aaron Johnson defeated Jackson Sousa by inside heel hook
Aaron Johnson drew Valdir Araújo 1×1
Felipe Pena defeated Jackson Sousa by 3×0
Jackson Sousa defeated Valdir Araújo by 5×1
Aaron Johnson defeated Felipe Pena by inside heel hook

Group 2

Craig Jones drew Pedro Marinho 0x0
Kaynan Duarte defeated Jon Blank by 9×0
Kaynan Duarte defeated Pedro Marinho by 11×0
Craig Jones defeated Jon Blank by RNC
Jon Blank defeated Pedro Marinho by armlock
Kaynan Duarte defeated Craig Jones by short choke

3rd place
Craig Jones defeated Jackson Sousa by straight ankle lock
Kaynan Duarte defeated Aaron Johnson by 6×1

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