Falling Out Of Love With BJJ? Dedicate To It Even More

Falling Out Of Love With BJJ? Dedicate To It Even More

You can love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with your whole heart, but the reality is… Sometimes, you won’t feel like you want to keep training.
You’ll feel disappointed by the results you’re (not) getting, by the lack of improvement, and the overall passion.

When that happens, the worst thing you could do is stop. Instead, you need to dedicate yourself to the Gentle Art even more.
Robert Degle explains why this is the case:

The more you commit yourself to something the deeper your appreciation for that thing will be because your growing knowledge of it opens ever more increasingly beautiful and fascinating vantage points from which to marvel.

At the same time, every moment you spend committed to one area, you lose the possibility of experiencing others. So, to love what you do, you have to make a decision and commit to it.

Pick a path to walk and just keep going. Despite the hardships and the difficulties the setbacks and the losses.

It wasn’t easy for Degle to stay dedicated all the time, either. But he knew he had to keep going:

It was never hard for me to dive into philosophy books and get obsessed with them or stay up late at night to watch Japanese MMA events with amazing grapplers.

After this comes the hard part: you will only truly love something when you dedicate yourself to it.