Fabio Gurgel: Weight Limit Should Be on IBJJF’s Agenda Soon If It’s Not Already

Fabio Gurgel: Weight Limit Should Be on IBJJF’s Agenda Soon If It’s Not Already



Alliance master Fabio Gurgel is a very well respected member of the bjj community. Many of the biggest bjj names of today are under his banner – the banner of Alliance.


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With great power comes great responsibility, so naturally he didn’t shy away from discussing the strategy of success and the UAEJJF weight limit. It’s worth noting Gurgel is in favor of the weight limit however it has made him tweak his methodology a bit.


He told Tatame:

I think that this weight limit that the UAEJJF put, should be and that even is already on the agenda in the IBJJF also, because the goal is health. So of course it’s hard for you to say what weight an athlete can have. In Tayane’s case, she’s a super athlete, although she’s heavier, as Gabi was, too, but I’m in favor of some limits, yes. I do not know what the limit would be, but I think so, yes.

When prompted about Alliance’s recipe for success he said:

 Alliance has been successful in recent years, in fact, and we continue to work hard. Our gyms today have a very similar pattern, and I think that makes a big difference in the end. We have our headquarters, Cobrinha, Marcelinho, Mário Reis … A lot of good academies. But of course this one hour hegemony is going to be broken, we have high quality competitors, but we will try to stay on top for as long as it takes. The Alliance today has 150 schools scattered around the world, and what we have done is attempted to deliver to all these schools a similar teaching methodology to bring Jiu-Jitsu equally to all students within the team. This is one of our secrets, for sure.

Competition models today

I think the models of the competitions have been evolving over time. I think we have a good model today, although the championships are getting very long because of the number of subscribers, so this is a problem to be considered. But things are evolving, a lot will change, but I do not have it as a criticism, it is a natural evolution of our sport. What bothers me the most is the amount of federations that are based on the false impression that people want the best for the sport, that does not work.