Extremely Successful BJJ Competitors All Have These 5 Habits

Extremely Successful BJJ Competitors All Have These 5 Habits

Do you want to compete regularly and bring medals home? If so, then you need to get your training and overall approach to BJJ in check – you need to start thinking about the broader picture, as well as about the actionable steps which will really help your performance.
With that said, here are 5 habits of extremely successful BJJ competitors. Introduce them into your own training and BJJ as a whole… And you’ll become successful as well!



Every good competitor prepares for a tournament really well. Now, this doesn’t just mean training well; but, more than that, it means that they come with a prepared game plan.

Yes, a game plan! Too many Jiujiteiros come to a tournament thinking that „giving their best“, paired with what they know, will be enough for winning. But more often than not, this won’t be enough.
Sure, you need to give your best and be properly skilled. But more than that, you need to devise a sound approach to your matches.

Which takedown(s) will you go for? Which position after the takedown, and which submissions will you aim for? Furthermore, what about escaping bad positions – and what about tempo?
You need to have it all thought through before competition day comes. And then, you need to practice your game plan a bit before as well.

If you have to utilize just one of the habits presented in this article, use this one.



Throughout the competition preparation (and even training in general), it’s important that you develop a habit of properly dividing the time between rolling with higher and lower belts.

That is to say: you need to roll with people who are better than you, so that you can get used to the pace of getting crushed and defending yourself nevertheless. But you also need to roll with individuals who aren’t on your level, so that you can practice the techniques you’re after.
Getting this division right is of crucial importance to your success as a BJJ competitor.



A successful BJJ competitor doesn’t „cram“ his training into the one or two weeks before competition. Instead, he understands the importance of rest.

He understands that he needs to let his body repair itself and regain energy before the tournament. So, he’s smart about pushing himself weeks (and months) before he steps on the competition mats; but, a week or two prior to his first match, he takes a step back and trains lighter than usually.
He still keeps moving, of course. But he doesn’t go pedal to the metal.



One of the most important habits that all successful athletes have is fueling properly before the competition. This goes hand-in-hand with resting properly, as eating healthy, quality food before competition will grant you the energy required to make that transition in the last seconds of the match.
Also, do not eat anything you haven’t eaten before. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning and feel sick, because your stomach isn’t used to spicy burritos.



And lastly, if you wish to succeed in competitions, you should devise a strategy for unwinding. You should do something that will ease your anxiety, that will make you more relaxed.
Whether it’s meditation, listening to music, reading a book, or whatever else… Successful BJJ competitors have a habit of doing something to relax their nerves before the match – it keeps them focused, motivated, and ready for the fierce battle ahead.

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