(Updated) Exposed: Cleus Reamico, Fake Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in The Philippines

(Updated) Exposed: Cleus Reamico, Fake Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt in The Philippines

Photo: Cleus Reamico in the center

“If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and feels like shit, you don’t have to actually eat it to know it’s shit.”


There is a person in the Philippines called Cleus Reamico who claims to be a long time student of Franco De Camargo at Carlson Gracie Orange California. As of now he claims to be a 4th degree BJJ black belt under De Camargo. He runs an academy in the Philippines under the name ‘Reamico Jiu-Jitsu’. He claims to have have gotten all his belts under De Camargo including the black belt. He has never been able to prove to his rank. He has a large school and has mislead all his students to believing that he is a legit black belt.

The Philippines BJJ community, from all different teams, united to expose Reamico. There are currently around a dozen of legit BJJ black belts in the Philippines and countless Filipino black belts overseas. Knowing that the community was going to expose him, Reamico recently deleted his website and Facebook pages.

Some of Reamico's students

Some of Reamico’s students

Reamico chose Franco de Camargo for the simple reason that De Camargo passed away in 2008 so it would be impossible to get a confirmation from him.

Cleus Reamico’s many claims online:

Ken Maverick Skipper is Cleus Reamico’s profile on facebook:


Here you can see that he claims to be a long time student of both Allan Goes and Franco de Camargo (both Carlson Gracie black belts)




The Filipino BJJ community reacted by contacting Troy Acker, owner of Carlson Gracie Orange County, who was training under Franco for 14 years, and was one of his two black belts. He has never heard of Reamico:


Troy Acker then sent this email a few days later:


They then contacted Allan Goes:


What Now?

Cleus Reamico has been lying to everybody about his rank for years. Unless he comes forward and admits that he was lying all along, then he should be alienated from the Filipino BJJ community.

 ‘Reamico Jiu-Jitsu’ as a legal entity should not be allowed to compete in the Philippines or abroad, unless Reamico himself starts at white belt and cancels all the ranks of his students. His students should be given a second chance to train under a recognized BJJ black belt though.

Video of Cleus Reamico rolling. Have you ever seen a 4th degree BJJ black belt crossing their feet when in someone’s back?

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