Exercise Specialist Reviews Mackenzie Dern’s Conditioning Training Routine

Exercise Specialist Reviews Mackenzie Dern’s Conditioning Training Routine


BJJ world champion and highly touted MMA Mackenzie Dern will be fighting at Legacy FC 61 which will be taking place October 14th in Dallas, Texas

Legacy FC Officials announced that following a submission victory against Kenia Rosas – Dern should go up against Montana Stewart next. Stewart has much more MMA experience and her current record stands at 5 victories and 2 losses.


Interesting fact about Stewart is that her losses were from her first two fights. She is currently on a 5 victory spree stretching from March 2015 to present date. Stewart is only 21 years old making Mackenzie Dern senior.





A new video showing the best of Mackenzie Dern’s strength and conditioning recently surfaced. The video shows Dern doing hanging pull-ups, various calisthenics, chin ups, pull ups, dancing, doing bjj/mma specific conditioning and trying out some strange tools.

Erik “Captain” Wekerle, a BJJ practitioner with a Degree in Exercise Science took notice of the video and offers some great advice on Mackenzie’s form and applicability of the exercises to BJJ and MMA.

Wekerle is a former competitive bodybuilder and American Football player at the University of Kentucky.  Be sure to check out his YouTube channel (ProtectYaNeckFitness):




Wekerle is also famous for explaining how BJJ athletes cheat the IBJJF PED Test:


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