Ex-Navy Seal Commander & BJJ Black Belt Jocko Willink on How To Avoid Injuries in BJJ

Ex-Navy Seal Commander & BJJ Black Belt Jocko Willink on How To Avoid Injuries in BJJ

Hooray, you just made a decision to start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! BJJ will introduce great things to your life, such as: better health, stronger self-confidence, awesome friendships, the ability to talk about it for hours during family dinners… All in all, kudos to you!

Jiu-jitsu is an inherently hard activity. When starting out, you go to a school and start learning to grapple in a room full of complete strangers.

For many people, in the beginning, this is an intensely uncomfortable experience. Some people have reported that some BJJ training sessions were so intense that they would be so nervous before training and would have to sit in the car and talk themselves into going into the gym before every class….

Some people are terrified of not understanding the techniques or of getting hurt during live rolling. Many newcomers to BJJ may feel this way, have to talk themselves into going to class tonight, and are often frustrated by their slow progress in BJJ, and very often by being constantly smashed by higher belts during live rolling…

In this latest episode of his podcast, Ex Navy Seal commander and BJJ black belt was asked the questions from somebody new to Jiu-Jitsu about to how to avoid injuries.

For Jocko, you should be extra careful when sparring with takedowns since statistically more injuries happen when Wrestling/Judo is involved.

He also talks about the importance of actually doing a workout BEFORE Jou-Jitsu so that you’re body is already warmed up and losse.

Speaking of warm up, he goes into detail into warm ups and working on flexibility.

Footage of Jocko Willink competing against ADCC champion Dean Lister recently surfaced:

Rare Footage: Jocko Willink Grapples Jeff Monson

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