Embrace The Grind: Always Do What You Don’t Feel Like Doing

Embrace The Grind: Always Do What You Don’t Feel Like Doing

For serious competitors: Everyday will not be a great day or even a good day. Your love of Jiu Jitsu has to give you the strength to find a way to train when you don’t want to.

Tom DeBlass

Guest post by Mark Lajhner founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy  and of mmacoach.net.

Mark is a Judo black belt (Serbian national team member), Wrestler, BJJ purple belt, MMA coach and undefeated MMA fighter. You can find Mark Lajhner’s FREE MMA course Here.


Why is doing what you don’t feel like doing so important for developing a strong mental game for MMA/Grappling?

Anybody who has ever trained knows that feeling of unwillingness to train. That feeling of tiredness, laziness or desire to hang out with friends instead of going to train.

Almost every time when we feel like not training we make our decision, to go to that particular training session or not. Based on our strength of will at that moment, we don’t include other important factors which can help us to shift our perception and go training feeling more energized, excited, motivated or even joyful. The type of advice which supports aforementioned is the most common one: “just do it”. But what to do when this doesn’t work? And in most cases, it won’t.

Watch this video and find out.




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