Eddie Bravo’s First Black Belt Isn’t Actually Greek And He’s Freaking Out About It

Eddie Bravo’s First Black Belt Isn’t Actually Greek And He’s Freaking Out About It

Earlier this week we reported about a separate freak out of an Eddie Bravo inaugural black belt. Did you know Denny Prokopos is Eddy Bravo’s totally balanced first black belt?

And naturally one might think this is an overkill response to an Aj Agazarm provocation but as it turns out Prokopos might have bigger fish to fry. About 20 hours ago he went on a posting spree clarifying he’s not actually a greek citizen and begging for a citizenship.

 President @alexistsipras I NEED CITIZENSHIP AND REQUEST TO JOIN MILITARY. I was forced to leave America. My money is now being blocked in your country. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE GREECE 🇬🇷

Oddly enough Prokopos who probably even has Greece themed underwear first came under scrutiny when he opted to disregard a black belt he previously awarded in Elia Yuriditsky.

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One of Yuriditsky’s qualms about the academy to start with was that Prokopos mostly wasn’t even there:

 First a few points before I delve into the whole story (if there’s an interest for one).

I left the school and Denny’s response was retroactive.
I left because Denny was never there, the school now adays is run by lower level belts most the time or people who were given very questionable promotions. Denny attempted to impose an authoritarian restriction on who I can or can’t train with in the Bay Area and I don’t subscribe to that.
My understanding is that Denny sold the idea to Eddie because one of my training partners/coaches competed against Marvin Casteele in a recent FTW.

And by the looks of it he probably won’t be there much in the future either:


This caused a mixture of different responses ranging from worried to how hilarious the circumstance actually is: