Eddie Bravo Wants To Introduce UpKicks To Combat Jiu-jitsu

Eddie Bravo Wants To Introduce UpKicks To Combat Jiu-jitsu



Eddie Bravo has always been on the frontlines of innovation. From building his own unique game to building 10th planet system and onto EBI.

But Now he’s ready to embark on another journey – he’s looking to introduce another innovation to Combat Jiu Jitsu (which just concluded World championships with a slap tko).

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Bravo said in a 10th Planet forum that he wants to add upkicks:

“I’m working on getting upkicks allowed, gonna run it by the commission. Some competitors were feeling too comfortable standing over their opponent who was in open guard. Allowing upkicks will force the guy standing to get down and pass the guard. Again, cjj is all about Jiu Jitsu. The strikes weren’t added for tkos, they were added to open up submissions “

In a different post Bravo clarified:

“Cjj is about ground fighting, nothing else “


Talk to any old school BJJ student and mention “up-kick” automatically you’ll probably hear about the  legendary fight  (Renzo gracie & Oleg Taktarov).

There have been many upkicks since this fight but imo,  It is still the most picture perfect application of the strike seen in 20 years of north American MMA

Renzo Gracie defeats Oleg Nikolaevich Taktarov via KO (upkick and punch).