Eddie Bravo: Quintet Ruleset Is The Most Gangster, Because They’re both Going For It

Eddie Bravo: Quintet Ruleset Is The Most Gangster, Because They’re both Going For It

Eddie Bravo is well known for plenty of things but in recent years perhaps the most with pioneering his own ruleset with the Eddie Bravo Invitational. The ruleset would from there go on to be a part of many promotions including shortly hyped Submission Underground.

Still Bravo spared no expense when recently discussing Quintet and just why most MMA fans can follow along:

“I love the fact it is sub only,” said jiu-jitsu legend Eddie Bravo, the captain for Team 10th Planet as transcribed by MMA Fighting. “I love that. I love that it’s double DQ. That’s the most gangster thing. There’s like three or four or five different versions of sub only, and the double DQ is by far the most gangster. Because at the end of the match they’re both going for it. I love it.

“I’m 100 percent convinced that the only way jiu-jitsu is going to work in the mainstream is with a sub-only format,” Bravo said. “Any kind of points tournament is not going to work. We’ve had point jiu-jitsu tournaments forever. Rickson [Gracie] tried to make a show called Bushido. That didn’t last. I’m 100 percent convinced the only chance a grappling show has if it is a sub-only format.

“We’ve had points tournament, people who are into points tournaments don’t even support points tournaments,” Bravo said. “No one wants to watch it, that sh*t is boring. It’s like chess, chess is an amazing game, Points tournaments cerebral and important, but it’s just not made for TV, it’s just too boring. The only shot jiu-jitsu has in grappling is sub only. That’s my opinion. I believe that through and through.”

Josh Barnett added:
“It adds an extra level of not just strategy and tactics but tension to watching these matches,” Barnett said. “One thing can happen a couple things, all of a sudden, one team member who is ahead of behind. You have a bigger guy fighting a smaller guy and it’s a cat-and-mouse game, and the clock is ticking and both guys know a draw means they’re out and it can get pretty wild.”

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