Eddie Bravo Jokes He Was Attacked, People Take It Seriously

Eddie Bravo Jokes He Was Attacked, People Take It Seriously

Eddie Bravo has long championed great many conspiracy theories including championing ridiculous theories such as flat earth and chemtrails.

However having grown his fan base in each of these niches people took him extra seriously when he shared a picture of his brand new shiner on social media.


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The story goes like this:
From across the street some guy yelled “F*ck flat earth Asshole!!” So I ran up to him and said right to his face “Say it now foo” He then socked me right in the eye and as I lay on the ground in a haze wondering what the f*ck just happened, I began to realize he must be one of those mma cage guys so I immediately and profusely began to apologize, I told him I was sorry af, pleaded with him to stop hitting me, I told him he was right and that we live on a spinning ball and everything. Then I turned around and took the f*ck off running like a f*cking cheetah chasing it’s prey. 60 miles an hour of pure death killing machine. No gazelle would have stood a chance. Don’t mean to brag, just being hella honest


Bravo might have just a bit too much free time recovering from his surgery:


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