Eddie Bravo: I got The Idea For Combat Jiu-Jitsu From Old Gracie Challenge Tapes

Eddie Bravo: I got The Idea For Combat Jiu-Jitsu From Old Gracie Challenge Tapes



Eddie Bravo is a man of a clear vision but often times it’s not entirely clear just where the vision is coming from. Recently he talked about how he came to the idea of combat jiu-jitsu – and it all stems from one of the favorite tropes in the community Challenge footage.

“The Brazilians, they like the idea of combat jiu-jitsu. It’s when you look at those old Gracie in action tapes – it’s Rickson Gracie, and Rorion going to Hapkido gyms and doing challenges. And Royce against … They’re just palm striking them they’re not really knocking them out they’re just opening submissions.

But the commission they thought I was probably crazy. Palm strikes? What? “

The first 8 man Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds tournament is stacked! First off featuring the 3x EBI Champion Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon, joining him are EBI veterans and Pro MMA fighters Rafael Domingos and Nathan Orchard, also BJJ Superstar AJ Agazarm makes his CJJ Debut.

Combat Jiu-Jitsu Innaugural World Championship Announced

Back when EBI debuted the combat jiu jitsu first mini tournament Bravo said of the experience:

“It turned out better than I thought it would,” Bravo told Champions. Adding: “The crowd loved it.”

Recently a docu has been released detailing the inspiration behind Combat Jiu Jitsu, as well as the struggles to have his vision recognized as a legitimate form of competition by the athletic commissions. We also follow Chad George and Nick Honstein, two former MMA fighters, as they head into EBI 11 and the first 4-Man Combat Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Promo for the comp has been recently revealed: