EBI 9: Featured Players, Countdown and Expectations

EBI 9: Featured Players, Countdown and Expectations



EBI 9 is fast approaching. The 9th edition of the event will be focusing on the light heavyweight division. For this event EBI will be returning to the LA set Orpheum Theater.

The initially announced Keenan Cornelius might be out but there’s plenty of heavy hitters who have confirmed their claim to the title in a 16 men submission only jiu-jitsu tournament.

The biggest favorite to win is Gordon Ryan, given that one of his EBI victories was for the “Absolute” version of the event.

The 205lbs is a whole new division for EBI so it will certainly be interesting to see how the self proclaimed king handles the new challenge.

Gordon Ryan explains that on any given day they train between 2 and 7 hours.


His biggest opposition will certainly be from Vinny Magalhaes, 2011 ADCC victor – he’s also a 3 time bronze medalist at ADCC.  He’s won almost every (jiu-jitsu) competition he’s competed at. On his side Vinny has 19 years of jiu-jitsu experience compared to the 5 or so years Gordon Ryan has been training.


Vinny is committed to competing for money – he’s quite definite in the EBI promotion material, competing for medals isn’t on his radar any more. This is what he believes will win him a place in the heart of every EBI spectator – hunting for submissions. Deal Listers mentions on his leg lock dvd that the most trouble he’s ever had heel hooking competition was against Magalhaes so it’ll certainly be interesting to see how he does in the competition.

EBI 9 is also set to feature Daniel O’Brien.

O’Brian feels his style is quite different since his philosophy is detail oriented.

Adam Sachnoff will be there representing 10th Planet. He’s known for his bottom game which is something that isn’t seen quite often in heavyweights. He proclaims his specialty is a gogoplata.


Training at hq

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Here’s Adam next to Eddie Bravo and Denny Prokopos.



Daniel Strauss is a BJJ black belt under Roger Gracie Instructor. He believes leg locks are about as important as any other submission.



Tom Breese will also be there. He’s fresh of his Polaris 4 victory so it’ll be interesting to see how he does.

Tom Breese told sherdog:

“I’ve always wanted to compete in jiu-jitsu and always did but at a lower level,” he said. “Now [because] I’m a better grappler than I was and I have some popularity fighting in the UFC, I’ve been given opportunities to compete on the biggest grappling events. I first trained with Gordon (Ryan) in NYC and then asked him to come to Tristar to help me prepare for my UFC fights and built a good friendship. Training with him has really improved my grappling and my confidence, that’s for sure.”

EBI 9 will be also featuring Guybson Sa, Eliot Kelly, Ryan Walsh, Jacen Flynn, Kyle Boehm, Travis Moore, Jimmy Friedrich, Quentin Rosenzweig, Rodrigo Antunes, and special match between Colleen Schneider vs Lynn Vuong.

To check out the entire countdown show press play below!