EBI 14: ADCC Veterans Craig Jones & Gordon Ryan Slide Through Competition

EBI 14: ADCC Veterans Craig Jones & Gordon Ryan Slide Through Competition



Craig Jones has been the biggest surprise of the ADCC. The talented Australian grappler managed to ouster some serious favorites on his road to the podium. However one nemesis he couldn’t handle was Gordon Ryan – who back then, mounted him and scored an easy victory.

The two stand outs dominated their sides of the bracket with very little opposition!

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Round 1:
Gordon Ryan defeated Dan Borovic via outside heel-hook
Patrick Donabedian defeated Daniel O’Brien via outside heel-hook

Casey Hellenberg defeated Karen Darabedyan via triangle-armbar
Chesseray Childrey defeated Adam Sachnof via kimura
Andrew Kimler defeated Rustam Chsiev in over-time

Aaron Johnson defetaed Matt Kirchwhem in over-time
Marcel Goncalves defeated Travis Moore via RNC

Craig Jones defeated Andy Burke via inside heel-hook

Quarter Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Patrick Donabedian via armbar
Casey Hellenberg defeated Chesseray Childrey via armbar

Aaron Johnson defeated Andrew Kimler via armbar
Craig Jones defeated Marcel Goncalves via inside heel-hook

Semi Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Casey Hellenberg in over-time
Craig Jones defeated Aaron Johnson via inside heel-hook

Gordon Ryan defeated Craig Jones in OT

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Of course Danaher captioned it:

Victory in Texas: Gordon Ryan won his fourth EBI title tonight in Austen Texas in a tough tournament – winning three hard fought elimination matches and then a dramatic overtime finish against Australian grappling star Craig Jones. Mr Jones has had a breakout year with an outstanding performance in ADCC and now again in EBI 14. In a very memorable overtime, Mr Ryan had to use all his escape skills to break out of a tight juji gatame armlock. He was able to prevent his extended arm from going into hyperextension and then strangle Mr Jones in the next exchange. Two outstanding victories in two weeks for Mr Ryan – now it’s back to NYC on a 5:45am flight to NYC to resume teaching and training as Mr Ryan and Mr Tonon prepare for the Kasai grappling tournament in NYC next weekend! Thanks to Onnit Gym here in Austen for hosting a great EBI event. Also thanks to Eddie Bravo and Victor Davila for putting on another great EBI and giving all the athletes a great venue to express their skills in a thrilling format. Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support as the squad takes on all comers 😊Wishing you all the best in NYC – to my students in NYC – see you all tomorrow 😊