How to Eat Like Royalty While Staying in Fighting Shape

How to Eat Like Royalty While Staying in Fighting Shape
Anyone who works out hard and tries to stay in great shape knows how important the kitchen is when it comes to getting cut.

You can spend all day lifting weights, rolling on the mats, doing cardio, but if your diet isn’t on point then you won’t get the results you’re looking for. This article isn’t a cook book, we’re not going to be counting your calories, we’re not even going to share any full recipes – we’re just going to take an overview look at some tips and techniques you can incorporate EASILY into your daily cooking and your overall nutritional philosophy that can make a massive difference. 

Now, when you’re cutting weight, whether it’s to drop a lot of water weight quickly, or simply to lose some body fat over time, you might think you need to eliminate every bit of enjoyment from your diet, but it’s honestly not the case.

BJJ and other combat sports training can be an excellent motivation to get in better shape, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to stick to plain old chicken and broccoli, all day every day. Here are some tips that’ll help take your cuisine to the next level, without having to make any massive sacrifices.

Spices Over Sauces

The first thing is to go for spices and herbs instead of sauces. You can get a ton of flavor from spices and herbs without having to lather your food in sauce. The number of empty calories and junk in a lot of sauces and dressings can be staggering, so here’s an easy way to replace them without losing any taste.

There are so many different spices and herbs to choose from that it’s hard to recommend any in particular, whether you want a spicy southwest style, or lemon salt on your chicken or other foods, just open the Pandora’s box and experiment – that’s our best advice.

Careful What You Drink

If you’re cutting weight prior to competition, you’re already well aware of your intake as far as liquids go, but where a lot of people throw off their diets is through liquid calories. Whether it’s a few drinks at the bar after practice, or just some soda at home, or even a tall glass of milk – it can all add up.

We get it, sometimes you want something with a little more to it than a simply glass of water. There are lots of great options, like yerba mate, which gives a great caffeine kick, or any number of different types of teas. You can make tea out of just about anything, and there are countless flavors to choose from, with little or no calories. Tea used to be something that only the rich and royal could afford to enjoy, so it fits the description perfectly in this case. If it’s hot out, or for post-workout, keep some iced tea ready in the fridge – it truly doesn’t need sugar to beat out a regular glass of water.

Kombucha is another option, while it does have some sugar in it, it’s a lot better for you than a soda, and you’ll still get that refreshing carbonation, not to mention tons of probiotics to keep your gut health on point.

Do you have any other advice to make healthy food taste better, or any ways to improve on any of the advice we’ve mentioned here? We would love to hear about it. Everyone has their own tips and tricks in the kitchen, just like on the mats, so don’t get submitted by temptation – take matters into your own guard.

When you’ve put in the work to cook a great, healthy meal yourself, it automatically tastes better. Who understands the idea of effort and rewards better than a martial artist, anyways?

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