The Easy Way To Set Up Gogoplata From Rubber Guard by 10p Black Belt Brandon Mccaghren

The Easy Way To Set Up Gogoplata From Rubber Guard by 10p Black Belt Brandon Mccaghren

There are a couple of powerful pathways to the gogoplata submission, but the most versatile and practical entry is from rubber guard.

The rubber guard is essentially a high guard that was created by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo as a method to control and neutralize an opponent in an attacking position. The position might seem like it requires incredible flexibility, but there are a few ways to start utilizing the guard immediately.

Cheating flexibility

While flexibility can undoubtedly aid your rubber guard game, it is not a necessity. In fact, the whole concept of flexibility in the rubber guard position can be ‘cheated’ by a straightforward adjustment.

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Many people try to play rubber guard with their hips square to their opponent and facing forward. This method does require outstanding flexibility. However, if you simply adjust your position to move onto the side of your hip, it can aid the process of getting your leg up and over your opponent for the position. By angling to one side, you can open your hips up and start working on the rubber guard series with relative ease.

10th planet black belt under Eddie Bravo, Brandon Mccaghren shows you the easiest setup to the gogoplata from rubber guard:

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