Easy Takedown: Arm Drag Inside Trip by Andre Galvao

Easy Takedown: Arm Drag Inside Trip by Andre Galvao

Given all that ADCC and world champion Andre Galvao has accomplished, this it’s no surprise he has some extraordinary tips that will bring your armdrag game and takedown game to a whole new level.

This particular takedown is a favorite of Galvao’s because often times a primarly jiu-jitsu player will have a hard time with applying. He likens this type of takedown to setting up a trap, and indeed that’s how it goes.

“I’m going for kind of like a set up for the trap and use it so I guess we’re going to work from the arm drag” Galvao starts in his nogi instructional: Takedown Dominance.

Galvao starts off by giving the forearm of his right arm to his opponent.

When you give your forearm, you’re going to open your hand against his wrist. Reach inside and go for an arm drag.

From there all you have to do is trip on the inside with the lead leg without it touching the ground and take him down, according to Galvao.

Galvao’s Wrestling for BJJ is at a world class level and in this video, he explains why this is a really easy takedown that anybody can do.

You can watch the entire instructional by pressing play below!

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