Easiest Low Risk Takedown That Works Well Against Bigger Opponents

Easiest Low Risk Takedown That Works Well Against Bigger Opponents

In BJJ, you don’t need more than 5 takedowns to have an effective stand up game that can win you matches or keep you safe in a self defense situation.

That may not seem like much but if you are able to link those takedowns together and use them against all types of opponents then you are good to go.

This takedown in particular is really easy to do. Any white belt can do this without any problem.

How To Do A Hook Sweep Sacrifice Throw like Erberth Santos.

Gile Huni, editor of  bjjee.com teaches the technique in Serbian but has put English subtitles.

“This is a simple throw that I’ve been doing since blue belt. Anybody can do this. Important points is that your opponent has to push into you. You need to fall to the side, hook underneath the knee and other leg scissoring for a sweep. Your arms need to stay extended. If you fall straight down it will not work.”

In Judo, this is a sacrifice throw called Uki Waza or leg outside Uki Waza. Sacrifice throws are a great option since they are low risk. What’s the worse that could happen? That you basically pull guard.

Try this. Erberth Santos uses this at the highest level.

Use these throws to safely launch fighters in BJJ, using judo principles and concepts.

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  • Learn to fuse grappling’s best techniques into takedowns for jiu-jitsu.