Drysdale Clarifies Danis Controversy: There Was No Poaching

Drysdale Clarifies Danis Controversy: There Was No Poaching



Earlier this year Dillon Danis and Munsher Munchie Khera found themselves on the outs with their home gym – Marcelo Garcia academy.

Dillon Danis & Mansher Khera Suspended From Marcelo Garcia Academy

What many didn’t see coming is that the two bjj aces would pick up shop and head on over to Robert Drysdale’s Zenith bjj in Vegas and prep for the Worlds. Now Robert Drysdale is clarifying how it is that the two started representing Zeinth bjj. As he told flograppling:

“I’ve actually known Dillon for a long time. I would teach him privates when he was a teenager. Prior to his training at Marcelo’s and I remember talking with his parents and they were asking me if he ever had any potential in jiu-jitsu. And I said he really did and I said give him a  shot let’s see if he sticks to it. But I advised his parents to actually give him a, give him some support. I advised him to go train with Marcelo Garcie because he was over in New Jersey. “

He went on to comment the big controversy where Danis was kicked out of MGA:

“Regarding what happened with him and Marcelo, I don’t know the details. Only know what Dillon and Munchie told me and they gave me an idea of what happened and I don’t like to judge people based on previous experiences with other people. I’m sure you’re gonna find someone out there who doesn’t like me although they’ve never met me. “


Drysdale concluded he won’t be judging the two based on their experiences with Marcelo:

“I like to start with a blank slate. Every time I meet someone. “

As far as joining the team goes:

“So far the plan is to go over for the ADCC camp, We got the guys we’re trying to get to the ADCC. And we’re putting on a camp for that. ”

In terms of Drysdale’s history with Marcelo and poaching accusations Drysdale shook his head:

“Put it like this: I’m the original Marcelo Garcia fan. I knew who Marcelo Garcia was before anyone esle knew who he was. There’s no such thing. I have a lot of respect for him… They sought me out, they came after me.  “