A Drunk Kurt Osiander Teaches The ‘Trash Compactor Choke’

A Drunk Kurt Osiander Teaches The ‘Trash Compactor Choke’

The popular Kurt Osiander was recently in England on a seminar tour.

After 25 years training and teaching at Ralph Gracie’s academy, Kurt Osiander left or was fired (depending on who’s story you believe), last month. Osiander has already found a new location and it is called ‘Empire Jiu-Jitsu’ and he is partnering up with Jake Scovel. He presented it to his fans and calls it “the dawning of a new era”.

Here he presents us a great set up for a what he calls the ‘Trash compactor choke’ which ressemble sa 10 finger guillotine against a failed shot.

The important detail is to clasp your hands together so that your thumb knuckles apply pressure to the opponent’s windpipe. You placing the choke, you cock the wrist upward, and put your stomach over the head.

The technique was filmed at Mill Hill academy right after Osiander’s epic podcast with Dan Strauss (Raspberry Ape podcast) where he got drunk on whiskey.

Strauss stated about Kurt showing the technique:

This was not a seminar. In fact it was never planned. After the podcast I had to go teach and Kurt suggested he drops in to say hello. Everyone was pumped to see him. I started teaching and Kurt offered to show some stuff which I gladly accepted. The students were confused as f*ck but loved it.

The outspoken Kurt Osiander is one of the most well-known instructors in the world and certainly has a tough old school BJJ game. Kurt recently released his first instructional series for BJJ Fanaticsentitled Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade where he teaches his no BS and hard nosed approach to BJJ. Now grab yourself a copy of Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade and be sure to add code ‘BJJEE’ to get 10% off!

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