Drinking Alcohol & Jiu-Jitsu: Can They Go Together?

Drinking Alcohol & Jiu-Jitsu: Can They Go Together?

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By Stephen McGee.

Everyone in life parties. Everyone goes through a party phase in their life. No matter if it’s an age thing, maturity thing, or some other sort of celebration. Everyone parties from time to time and dreads the next day.

When I use to party I went through every phase I mentioned above. I wanted to drink underage to fit in. I drank to heighten my mood or to keep my mood heightened. I drank for celebration, even if the celebration was to simply have an excuse to drink. Then the next day, “I’m never drinking again.” How many of us had said that before?

Now let’s take a look at this next day and see if we can alter these drinking effects a bit to help with our training.

1. Plan your drinking around training.

The older you get, things just don’t come up. The older you get the more responsibility you have. If training Jiu Jitsu is a hobby it may not be a big deal if you blow off a day of training. If you’re a pro athlete and/or Jiu Jitsu is your livelihood, than drinking at all may not even be an option. If you’re like me, “all grown up” with a family, career, and use Jiu Jitsu more as an outlet/workout, then missing a day of training could throw off my whole week. So plan carefully and decide if partying outweighs why you train in the first place. It most likely doesn’t.

2. Precautions to take if you must drink.

This is what I use to do when I partied. No matter if I only had a few drinks or was totally ripped, I always took two aspirin and drank a Gatorade before bed. Obviously the aspirin took care of my potential headache and the Gatorade helped with the dehydration. Just make sure to keep rehydrating the next day. This worked pretty much ninety percent of the time. Again, better not to drink the night before training.




3. What I do now.

Now this may seem crazy to some people, but I haven’t had a drink in over two years. I usually train four times a week, for about two hours each session. I’ve rarely been sick in two years, I’ve become a morning person, and I’m rarely dehydrated, unless from a crazy training session. The only time I’ve missed a training session was to take my mother or one of my children to the doctors or some other school function. From this consistent training my Jiu Jitsu is on another level and Jiu Jitsu has become my drug of choice.

These suggestions may seem juvenile but give one of them a try to see if it works for you. You can see the lesson in each suggestion. Don’t drink. It does wonders.


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