Dr Bryan Ales Discusses His Permanent Solution for Curing Cauliflower Ear

Dr Bryan Ales Discusses His Permanent Solution for Curing Cauliflower Ear



BJJEE interviewed Dr. Bryan Ales, BJJ student of Omar Sabha, MHA. Dr Ales is the inventor of CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System, which is a permanent solution for cauliflower ear.


Q-We initially discussed the Caulicure™ product a few months back when it was just coming to market. What’s the latest in development and focus?

We are stoked to be working with BudoVideos to educate further on the benefits of the system. We will be rolling out a 6 part series on the system, the condition it treats, why cauliflower ear exists and other relevant topics. This will give the athlete everything needed to:


  • Heal faster
  • Return to training sooner
  • Effectively eliminate a condition which has plagued the contact sport industry for far to long.


We have rolled out an additional color in “Electric Green”, which is getting a great reception in online sales. The product is available at Caulicure.com, budovideo.com and fightersmarket.com. In addition, we have also started the process of wholesale distribution in Australia and the UK. It’s a fantastic experience to get feedback across the globe knowing the potential impact on so many athletes.




Currently, the entire scope of the product from the inception phase to the manufacturing and distribution is all done in the United States.  The product has had its last major modification in fine-tuning the density of the silicone. This is extremely important in providing effective compression and a super comfortable fit on any ear.


Q-Why is this product a benefit not only for every jiu jitsu school but also for both high school and college wrestling programs?


The high school and collegiate programs currently have “nothing” in their Heath Centers to safely and effectively handle an Auricular Hematoma, which leads to the condition “Cauliflower Ear”. We can quickly educate the staff on draining an ear and end a decades old problem.

If the above programs had this system on hand, athlete and parent could save hundreds of dollars dealing with the hoop jumping in trying to avoid a permanently deformed ear.


Q-How is this possible?


Currently the schools with contact sport programs don’t have a solution for stopping cauliflower ear, with the exception of sending the athlete to a doctor that may or may not know how to treat it.

If the Caulicure™ system is on hand in the locker room or in the gym bag of the athlete, then the post draining procedure becomes very easy. With zero stitches, oral antibiotics or huge chunks of cash, the system solves the problem and can be used again and again.


Q-How can I find out more about the Caulicure™ system?


You can visit our website at www.caulicure.com and read about the product details, watch the instructional video detailing out the product usage or email us at oprdoc@gmail.com.