Does Jiu Jitsu Inflate Your Ego?

Does Jiu Jitsu Inflate Your Ego?

You constantly hear people saying how „Brazilian Jiu Jitsu destroys the ego“ and how it „makes them into a better person“. However, is it really true that BJJ makes you less egotistical… Or is it the other way around; could it be that it serves as a tool for inflating your ego instead?
As with many things in life, there are two sides to the same coin. BJJ can make you more or less egotistical– let’s see a couple of ways how!



The first way BJJ makes you less egotistical is that it turns you into a less arrogant individual. That is, you get humbled in training and competition. You realize that, no matter how good you may be, there’s always someone out there who could sweep the floor with you.
For most people, it makes them more likely to evade street fights and altercations of any sort; because they’re aware of the potential dangers that a fight can carry with itself. However, there’s a flipside to it…



The fact of life is that not everyone is, unfortunately, set out to seek the good and kind path of living. Some Jiujiteiros use their newly found self-confidence and skills to harass other; be it through bullying, making trouble, or similar situations.
It’s the coaches who should take the precautionary measures of taking a more of an inside look into who is training at the academy. More often than not, they’ll be able to notice that the person who’s beginning to train isn’t truly benevolent; and it’s their responsibility to out this individual from training. Both for other student’s sake, but also for the sake of the community.



One of the most beautiful things in Jiu Jitsu is the comradery – the friendships and connections – made in the academy while training, and competing. You become a part of a great community, where people support each other; and so you begin investing more into people around yourself, too.
In other words, you become less egoistic through simply beginning to care more about other people, instead of only thinking about yourself. You realize that, even though you’re competing alone on the mats, that there’s a whole team of people behind you, supporting you… So you support them, as well.



However, the egotistical personality can show its ugly head despite the „togetherness“ experienced on the mats. That is to say, some Jiujiteiros simply start to believe that they’re better than „other people“ just because they train Jiu Jitsu. And so they stick their chest up high, thinking less of those who don’t roll.

It’s far too obvious to say that this modality of thinking is nothing short of egotistical… And wrong. Just because you train BJJ doesn’t mean that someone else is less worthy than you – Jiu Jitsu doesn’t give you any „superpowers“ in this regard!
Instead, it should go without saying that BJJ is ought to teach you respect; not just on the mats, but off of them as well. Respect of everyone, even those who would not bother to train at all.



As you train Jiu Jitsu, you shouldn’t let yourself wonder around too much. You need to be focused while you train, so that you can improve your technique as much as possible; but you should keep your mind and observations sharp as well, in order not to fall into the trap of egoism.
This way, BJJ will turn you into a true martial artist.