Doctor & BJJ Purple Belt Paints Bleak Picture on How Coronavirus Will Severely Affect BJJ Academies Worldwide

Doctor & BJJ Purple Belt Paints Bleak Picture on How Coronavirus Will Severely Affect BJJ Academies Worldwide

Covid 19 is affecting the worlwide BJJ community in a major way. Jiu-Jitsu is possibly the closest contact sport there is, and this is possibly the worst environment when it comes to spreading any kind of disease.

Most BJJ academies around the world are currently closed, and most BJJ practitioners around the world are in quarantine.

Death toll from Covid 19 (source WHO) As of today March 25 2020, the number of deaths from the novel coronavirus has risen to 18,300. There are over 413,000 cases globally and 197 countries have been infected.

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Lachlan Giles, owner of Absolute MMA in Australia, invited Dr Jérôme Fennell, a Clinical Microbiologist, Head of infection control at Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin and a BJJ purple belt, to discuss what the current situation is with Covid 19.

In this interesting interview, Dr Jerome talks about the true impact the novel coronavirus will have on the BJJ community, whether BJJ schools should be open, are we able to train at the moment, and how long it will be until schools should re-open.

According to Dr Jerome, this is not looking good…

He has seen the effects first hand and predicts that from 30% to 70% of world population will end up catching Covid 19, and this could results in a huge number of deaths around the world.

He talks about because of the close contact nature of BJJ, academies will probably be among the last institutions that will re-open when all of this is over….

He advises a total lockdown to flatten the curve, and following the example of China in terms of controlling the spread of the virus. He says that with a total lockdown, we can reverse the effect after 6 months.

He doesn’t believe this virus will go away like SARS did.

Please practice social distancing, and stay home to flatten the curve.

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