Dillon Danis Makes Triumphant Return At NoGi Pans

Dillon Danis Makes Triumphant Return At NoGi Pans



It has been an exciting year for Dillon Danis. Following a coaching stint with UFC’s Notorious McGregor Danis conquered the double gold at 2016 IBJJF No-Gi Pans with several submissions.

After a somewhat underwhelming Copa Podio he’s back to his best. We should note that this is the first bjj competition he’s entered since the coaching stint ahead of Nate Diaz rematch.

Danis is likely to help out McGregor help prepare for UFC 205 starting next week.


The Teflon Dons

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Danis’s Pans journey opened with a kneebar sub in his weight class – medium heavyweight. Later on he secured the gold by wining against Murilo Santana via 2 points secured with takedown.


that bag different.

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In the absolute division he started off with a guillotine against Todd Mueckenheim and then another one against Aaron Johnson. This category was closed out by Danis and teammate Jon Satava.


IBJJF No Gi Pan Am Double Gold

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Later in October Dillon Danis will be making an appearance at Polaris 4 in a fight against Jackson Sousa!

Naturally Gordon Ryan had his own reaction to the double gold news:

BLACK / Adult / Male / Medium Heavy
First – Dillon Danis – Alliance
Second – Murilo Silva Ferreira de Santana – Barbosa Jiu Jitsu
Third – Gottrell W King Jr. – Gracie Barra
Third – Samir Abdolkader – David Jacobs Jiu-Jitsu Team

BLACK / Adult / Male / Open Class
First – Dillon Danis – Alliance
Second – Jonathan T. Satava – Alliance
Third – Aaron Michael Johnson – Unity Jiu-jitsu
Third – Cássio Francis da Silva – Gracie Barra


Team Pan NoGi  2016 Results:

For the Adult Male Division
1st: Alliance (119)
2nd: Unity Jiu-Jitsu (62)
3rd: CheckMat (24)

For the Adult Female Division
1st: Team Lloyd Irvin (32)
2nd: CheckMat (21)
3rd: Alliance (20)

For the Master Division
1st: Alliance (130)
2nd: Gracie Elite Team America (65)
3rd: Gracie Barra (50)

For the Juvenile Division
1st: Art of Jiu-Jitsu Academy (36)
2nd: Gracie Elite Team America (30)
3rd: CheckMat (18)


You can review all the Results here.