Developing Power and Flexibility With Wrestling Drills

Developing Power and Flexibility With Wrestling Drills

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that heavily emphasizes technique over strength and power. However, as the sport grows and more and more athletes compete in BJJ and grappling, athleticism will play a more significant role. One sport that requires a lot of athleticism is wrestling, and wrestlers are usually top-tier athletes. 


Think about what a regular wrestler needs to be successful. Wrestlers need to be strong, explosive, fast, and mobile to perform some of the most challenging throws and takedowns to win matches. For this reason, wrestling involves a lot of GPP (general physical preparedness) training, which is used to improve endurance, strength, and mobility. Exercises such as partner carry, tree climbs, and others are great ways to improve your performance on the mat and make your body more resistant to injuries.


How to Incorporate Wrestling Drills Into Training


These partner drills can be quite exhausting for the body, and it is important not to overtrain and injure yourself while training. One option is to incorporate these two times per week and do them for half an hour after the practice. Also, you can do them during the training session and before sparring. Another option is to have a separate training session for strength and conditioning. It is essential to keep in mind that this type of exercise can be quite tiring, so be careful not to overdo it. When incorporating these exercises into your training, find a partner with the same weight as you and do three to five sets of each exercise. Try to do each exercise explosively and make it similar to live sparring. 


Don’t Forget to Work on Your Flexibility


If you want to prevent injuries in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and make sure that you can stay on the mats for a long time, stretching is necessary! You can often see BJJ practitioners avoid stretching and warmups, causing injuries. Your ligaments and tendons are pretty active during a training session, making them very tense. It is necessary that after every practice, you stretch your muscles and work on your range of motion. A simple 10-minute stretching routine can help keep you on the mats for a long time. Pay attention to neck and spine mobility, hips, hamstring, and shoulders, as these get easily injured.


I hope that you liked the article. Make sure you incorporate these wrestling drills into your training sessions, and you will notice that you are much more powerful on the mats! My name is Milos, thank you for reading, and I wish you safe training!

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