Denny Prokopos Unfollowed Eddie Bravo, Was Hit By a Car in March & Scheduled Fight With Former UFC Fighter

Denny Prokopos Unfollowed Eddie Bravo, Was Hit By a Car in March & Scheduled Fight With Former UFC Fighter

Denny Prokopos has been having a rough time. The now 30 Eddie Bravo black belt seems to be undergoing some sort of a personal ordeal but also one that is apparently aimed at something 10th planet related. Not that any of it hindered him from booking a pancration fight with a former UFC fighter.

We first became suspicious when we noticedΒ  Denny Prokopos repost some Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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Not that that’s a real Tyson account but it still raised some eyebrows. Then sometime yesterday he posted this revealing he no longer follows Bravo:

Which isn’t the only thing he’s posted to indicate a rift either. Still his condition seems unstable:



Anthony Christodoulou is also 30 but he’s got a serious fight record under the belt. The fighter is 13-7 with the brief stint in the UFC back in 2015. He last fought in 2017 and submitted his opponent. The fight it scheduled for May 5th.

Denny Prokopos Retiring From Competing in Jiu Jitsu

As for Prokopos he retired even from bjj competition in 2015 citing injuries (and then unretired recently). In fact he went so far as to list broken neck, 5 surgeries on right knee, and ligment sprains on all ligaments on the left one. This is in addition to something that’s apparently wrong with his arm as evidenced on this recording:

Sherdog Radio:
On the first episode of “The Denny Prokopos Show” EBI champion Denny Prokopos discusses his journey through martial arts and how it has shaped him as a human being. He also chats about his injuries incurred over the years of training, and how he is doing after being hit by a car two weeks ago. Plus, he recounts the time that a liver shot may have saved his life in a street fight.

But then during his meltdown he recorded another episode revealing and recounting all his aches (around the 22 minute mark). Official description for this episode reads:
TJ De Santis is back with an all-new edition of “The Denny Prokopos Show.” While Prokopos also returns he tells us, “Denny is dead.”


Bravo responded to Prokopos’ meltdown in a simple dm to Denny which, Prokopos of course published:


He also prompted 10th P patriarch to repost this with manic comments