Demian Maia Has a Nasty Shoulder Lock from Body Triangle

Demian Maia Has a Nasty Shoulder Lock from Body Triangle

If there’s one thing that a lot of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes (be it in training or competition) are terrified of… It’s the Body Triangle. The situation when the opponent takes your back and just locks in a figure-four across your ribcage – leaving you almost totally at the mercy of their squeeze.
But here’s the thing: you can become a Body Triangle expert and use it to your advantage as well! Here’s one way of doing so, as demonstrated by Demian Maia himself.



Maia explains that, once you take the opponent’s back and feel that you can figure-four your legs across their ribcage – do it. Establish the Body Triangle whenever you can.
When you do so, fall onto the side of your control arm (pay attention that your Triangle needs to be locked on the opposite side). From here, your opponent is in a world of trouble, as he is in a completely defensive position.

What Maia does from here is a bit different from the usual attacks, however. He lets go of his control arm and starts attacking the opponent’s neck with both of his hands!
Then, when the opponent defends by bringing their elbows up to their chin, Maia takes control of the “bottom” elbow and pulls it towards himself, while extending at the same time. This gets him a vicious Shoulder Lock tap.

Watch how he does it on the video below:

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