Defend Against The HEEL HOOK With These Tips From Craig Jones

Defend Against The HEEL HOOK With These Tips From Craig Jones

The Heel Hook is perhaps the submission which athletes are scared of the most. The injuries (and the severity of them) as well as the lack of knowledge on how to defend against it… Is sometimes more than enough to prevent the Jiujiteiro from even attempting the submission himself.
However, if you learn how to defend against it, you’ll be much more likely to start using it as well! Actually, defending against it isn’t that complicated.

Craig Jones shares his tips on how to defend against the Heel Hook. They are easy to use and extremely efficient!



The first thing you’ve got to understand, explains Craig, is that the opponent’s goal when fishing for a Heel Hook is different from his Straight Ankle Lock goal. Namely, when they go for a Straight Ankle Lock, they want to extend your fingers – so, your defense is going to be to flex them.
But in the case of a Heel Hook, if you flex your fingers, you’re going to expose your heel. Therefore, to defend properly, you should straighten out your fingers in a ballerina-like manner.

That’s your first line of defense. The second one is to turn your foot (and knee) away from the opponent. This’ll make it even tougher for them to expose your heel.
The next step is to plant your foot on the ground. And the next, “ultimate” step, is to turn your hips away in such a manner that your belly faces the opposite direction from your opponent.

In other words, you should approach Heel Hook defense through the perspective of a ladder. You should always be trying to be one step ahead from the opponent’s attack, in order to evade getting tapped out (or injured).

Craig Jones explains and demonstrates in fantastic detail below:

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