Dealing With The Wrestler’s Shin Whizzer Has Never Been THIS Easy

Dealing With The Wrestler’s Shin Whizzer Has Never Been THIS Easy

Over the course of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and competition lifetime, you’ll sometimes get into situations where your training partner or opponent will use some sort of a technique or setup… That you haven’t had an opportunity to deal with all that much beforehand. It will be something new to you and you may not react in the most favorable way to it; that is, unless you make it a point to prepare yourself for these situations as much as possible!
One of those techniques is the Shin Whizzer; a move that comes from wrestling and that can cause some rather serious problems for jiujiteiros. Paul Schreiner shows how to deal with it once you’re coming up on top from Half Guard.



Okay, okay. We know that you’re really anxious for the demonstration of the Shin Whizzer; to see what all the fuss about it is about. But, before we get to Paul Schreiner’s fantastic explanation, it is really important that we stress the importance of training with people from diverse grappling backgrounds.

The thing is, if you only stick to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… Or, more than that, to training and rolling only with the training partners that possess no grappling background other than the one in BJJ; you’re doing a great disservice to your skill level. The reason for this is that, sure; if you only roll with the people who train only BJJ, you’ll get better in Jiu Jitsu in and of itself. But when the time for competition comes and you’re paired with someone who has serious experience in other forms of grappling… You’ll be in some serious trouble.

Naturally, the first grappling art that comes to mind is wrestling; and the first thing a lot of people think of in regards to the wrestling vs BJJ comparation is the wrestler’s takedown capabilities. So, you should get in more training with wrestlers, in order to develop both your takedown offense and defense.
But that’s not the only reason so as to why you should train with wrestlers. Aside from an incredible takedown skill set, you can learn quite a bit from the rest of their game as well; from the positions and techniques they utilize.
This is equally true for their offensive and defensive approaches alike. And the Shin Whizzer is one of those defensive techniques that they use; one which may take you by surprise once used against you.

So, in order to minimize the chances of you being surprised and to maximize the probability of your adequate response to this technique, let’s see what Paul Schreiner has to say!



Starting from the Half Guard position, Paul first comes up and towards his training partner. However, the partner reacts to this by establishing a Whizzer… But not a classic one. He doesn’t grab his thigh, but reaches for his shin; therefore protecting the integrity of his knee and getting Paul stuck in place.
Once you end up in this position, Paul explains that it will be extremely difficult to get out of it by traditional means. So, you’ll have to take on a bit of a different approach.

To get out of the Shin Whizzer, Paul demonstrates that you first need to unhook your leg from the opponent’s one; sliding your „whizzed“ arm down at the same time. Use this arm to lift their leg, so that you can press it against their near-side hip with your knee.
Finally, sit back underneath this leg and establish a Single Leg X position.


Watch Paul demonstrate this below:

Master one of the best scoring positions from the bottom, Half Guard, from one of the most technical instructors in grappling!

  • Half Guard is a cornerstone of efficient Jiu-Jitsu, Guard work, and Defense – constant attacks and reactions will open up the opportunity to secure submissions.