Danaher Shows Powerful Attack Series from Ashi Garami & Inside Sankaku Positions

Danaher Shows Powerful Attack Series from Ashi Garami & Inside Sankaku Positions

At a sold out jiu jitsu seminar at Dynamix MMA in Los Angeles, CA, John Danaher demonstrated a powerful attack series from the cross ashi garami & inside sankaku positions.

The Japanese term ashi garami translates literally to “leg entanglement”. Cross ashi garami refers to trapping or entangling an opponents’ leg across your own center line. Inside sankaku is a variation of cross ashi garami in which a wedge or triangle (sankaku) is formed inside of the trapped leg. This configuration not only limits our opponents’ defense & escape options, but also puts us in position to attack both the ankle and knee simultaneously via achilles lock and inside/inverted heel hook.

Seminar talking points included: butterfly guard, elevation, frames, wedges, x-guard, reverse x-guard, ashi garami, inside sankaku, the concept of dilemma, and the application of breaking pressure.

– Posture/spine curvature from butterfly guard to elevate a bigger, stronger opponent
– Use of frames and hip positioning to get underneath our opponent, followed by off balancing which leads to limb (leg) extension.
– Entering our opponent’s legs via ashi garami and inside sankaku
– Using ankle lace ashi garami to control position and present our opponent with a dilemma by attacking both the primary and secondary legs simultaneously
– Finishing mechanics of the achilles lock (secondary leg) and transitioning to inside sankaku for the heel hook finish (primary leg).

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