Dana White: “Soccer Is The Least Talented Sport On Earth”

Dana White: “Soccer Is The Least Talented Sport On Earth”
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Even though the World Cup 2022 is the “craze” worldwide at the moment, not everyone is impressed with it – nor the sport of football/soccer itself… Including the UFC president, Dana White.

For instance, in an old interview for the Calgary Sun, White explained how he despises the sport altogether:

Soccer? Whole other ball game. Can’t stand soccer, I think that it’s the least talented sport on earth.
There’s a reason three-year-olds can play soccer, okay; you run around and kick a ball.

He continued to ridicule it:

When you’re playing a game where the net is this big, right, and the score is 3-1, are you sh*tting me right now?
Do you know how untalented you have to be to score three points when the net is this big?

White then concluded by saying that hockey, on the other hand, deserves his respect:

Now in hockey, right, you have guys on skates. With crooked sticks, where they have to hit a puck into a net that’s the same size as the goalie.
Now that’s the sport where the score should be a 3-1.

What do you think of Dana White’s opinion on soccer? Do you think he’s more in the right or in the wrong?
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