Culture Shock: A British Grappler’s Impressions of Training BJJ in Japan

Culture Shock: A British Grappler’s Impressions of Training BJJ in Japan



Following the article on the Japanese grappler talking about training BJJ in the US, Reddit member Yami-Uchi, who is British, made a similar post sharing his experience from training BJJ in the Japan for a year and a half. Interesting stuff:


“I currently train in Japan (Nagoya, Aichi prefecture) for about a year and a half. As our Japanese friend posted about training in the States I thought I’d post about training in Japan. Here are 8 things I noticed.


  1. Everybody brings in huge amounts of Judo experience to the gym. I’m often sparring 2nd dans.
  2. Everybody has strange English phrases on there gis such as Alma “mixed martial jiu jitsu supply”
  3. The number of Brazilians in Japan competing is huge. They all seem to know the big players and or have connections to the top level competitors.
  4. The training is very detailed. Example: long in depth work in one area (such as triangles) and its application in many scenarios .
  5. I love Japan because of the perfection in details and how amazing focused Japanese people are.
  6. I was surprised how Japanese people show an old style of respect to each other and never showing any emotion to wining or loosing. (I think this is amazing)
  7. If bjj is not a hobby in Japan. It’s your life. When Japanese people pick up a hobby they live, breath, eat, sleep said hobby.
  8. I’ve never seen Japanese people whine or complain about there jiu jitsu. In fact they never ask questions on themselves towards the instructor. They just get on with it.


Sorry for my bad grammar, spelling etc typed on iPhone before I go training lol.”

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If you want to see more of how it is to train BJJ in Japan, this special international edition of Rolled Up was filmed in Japan:


Part 2