Cub Swanson Suffers Significant Knee Injury From Jake Shields Knee Reap at Quintet Ultra

Cub Swanson Suffers Significant Knee Injury From Jake Shields Knee Reap at Quintet Ultra

At last Thursday’s Quintet Ultra event, in the semi final between team UFC and team WEC (See full results here), Jake Shields defeated Cub Swanson via knee injury at 5:18 mark. Shields had reaped Swanson’s knee going for a leg lock sweep which put tremendous amounts of pressure on his opponent’s knee.

Shield stated on his instagram:

Had a tough match with cub Swanson last night despite the weight differences. Unfortunately going for a sweep leg lock i felt some bad knee pops ending the match. Hopefully cub is healthy and can fight again soon…

Shields then answered a fan question about if this was caused by knee reaping:

You can see what happened here:


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Swanson simply tweeted the outcome and will see a doctor on Monday:

What does this mean for Cub Swanson’s UFC career? After his victory over Kron Gracie, Swanson was back on the right track. At age 36, he may need significant time in order to recover from such a serious injury.

So how dangerous is knee reaping?

Knee reaping is illegal in IBJJF tournaments and tournaments that run under the IBJJF rules.


Doctor That Trains BJJ Answers Question: ‘Is Knee Reaping Dangerous?’

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