Craig Jones To Nicky Rod: “If You Were On Steroids, Would You’ve Finished The Choke?”

Craig Jones To Nicky Rod: “If You Were On Steroids, Would You’ve Finished The Choke?”

The B-Team recently made a guest appearance on the Lex Fridman podcast.
They discussed a lot of great topics – one of which was Nicky Rodriguez’s match against Gordon Ryan at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3.

Ryan outlasted Rodriguez in overtime, but what happened during it exactly?
Rodriguez explained:

I go defense first, whistle blows… And I’m able to escape in, like, 17 seconds.
And then, immediately after, I go on his back and gets out at exactly 17 seconds. I’m like: “Sh*t, I thought I had a good start!”

He gets on my back right after that and he’s able to ride me out for pretty much the entire round.
After that, I go on his back. And he escapes in maybe, like, a minute and some change.

He believes that he should’ve been more strategic about it… Even though he did have a Rear Naked Choke locked in at the end:

I think that where I went wrong in overtime, is that I should have been less adamant about chasing the submission – and more aware of collecting time.

If I diverted my attention to, you know, acquiring more time on the clock, it would’ve been more in my favor.

But yeah, at the end of my overtime round, I’m able to lock up a Rear Naked Choke over the face…

But there just wasn’t enough time to fully finish.
You know, I had a few seconds of squeezing there and I didn’t have enough time to adjust.

Then, Craig Jones asked him a “simple” question:

Do you think that, if you were on steroids, you would’ve finished the choke?

And Rodriguez was quick to respond in a somewhat jokingly manner:

I mean, for sure. You’re changing the biology of your body, you’re adjusting the DNA…

For sure, if I adjusted my DNA, it’s a finish.