Craig Jones Tells Joe Rogan His Huge Plans with CJI: ‘Athletes Deserve to Be Paid’

Craig Jones Tells Joe Rogan His Huge Plans with CJI: ‘Athletes Deserve to Be Paid’

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sensation Craig Jones shared the vision and motivation behind his newly launched event, the Craig Jones Invitational. His goal? To provide better financial opportunities for grappling athletes and to create a competitive alternative to the ADCC.

Elevating Athletes’ Earnings

Craig Jones highlighted the financial struggles faced by many grappling athletes. “The main reason I created the Craig Jones Invitational is to ensure that grappling athletes get paid more,” he explained. Jones emphasized that many top-level competitors struggle financially despite their dedication and skill.

By organizing his own event, Jones aims to change this dynamic. “We see these guys putting their bodies on the line, training full-time, and still struggling to make ends meet,” he said. The Craig Jones Invitational promises to offer substantial financial rewards, ensuring that athletes are compensated fairly for their efforts.

 Competing with ADCC

Jones also discussed his ambition to create a viable alternative to the ADCC, which is widely regarded as the pinnacle of grappling competitions. “ADCC has been the gold standard, but I think there’s room for improvement,” Jones remarked. While acknowledging the prestige of ADCC, he believes his event can offer a fresh perspective and better opportunities for athletes.

The Craig Jones Invitational aims to introduce innovative formats and higher payouts. “We want to create an event that is exciting for fans and financially rewarding for athletes,” he stated. Jones envisions a platform where grapplers can showcase their skills and earn a living comparable to other professional sports.

Greatest superfight in Grappling history

Craig Jones will face Gabi Garcia in a inter gender superfight at CJI. Jones: “I’ll train for it but not that hard.”

Financial Backing and Budget

A key aspect of the Craig Jones Invitational is its impressive budget. Jones revealed that the event is backed by a financier who prefers to remain anonymous. “We have a $3 million budget for the event, and $2 million of that is going directly to the athletes,” Jones disclosed. This significant investment underscores his commitment to improving the financial landscape for grapplers.

Frequency and Participation

Jones intends for the Craig Jones Invitational to be a recurring event. “We’re planning to hold this event regularly, though the exact frequency is still being worked out,” he said. The goal is to provide consistent opportunities for athletes to compete and earn.

As for who will participate, Jones is aiming to attract top talent from the grappling world. “We want the best of the best to join us,” he stated. By offering substantial financial rewards and a prestigious platform, the Craig Jones Invitational hopes to draw elite competitors and become a marquee event in the grappling calendar.

Building a Better Future for Grappling

Jones’s passion for the sport and his commitment to improving the lives of fellow athletes were evident throughout the interview. “I’ve been fortunate in my career, and I want to give back to the community that has given me so much,” he shared. His initiative is not just about creating another competition but about fostering a sustainable environment where athletes can thrive.

Craig Jones’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience shed light on his mission to revolutionize the grappling world. By creating the Craig Jones Invitational, he hopes to address the financial challenges faced by athletes and offer an exciting new platform that can stand alongside, if not surpass, the ADCC. As Jones put it, “It’s time for a change, and I believe we can make a real difference.”