Craig Jones Set To Grapple Mouthy Josh Hinger

Craig Jones Set To Grapple Mouthy Josh Hinger

Josh Hinger will be grappling ADCC 2017 boy wonder – Craig Jones. Another promotion is picking up steam from the USA – Third Coast Grappling.

Their next major event will be in June, the company has already released their headline super fight, one that’ll match two of the greatest guys in our sport.

Since they both had ways to become household names the style battle between both does not stop with their skills. Hinger is famously mouthy having said some of these just recently:

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So of course he’s back with a brand new controversy:
“There’s too many sh*theads in the world — the last thing we need are nice people acting like sh*theads. I get paid just fine. I’ve been making a living off jiu-jitsu for four years. I’ve made more money every consecutive year. I don’t need to be an as*hole to sell matches. My jiu-jitsu is good. I have 100 wins, 70 of them are submissions. I don’t need to be a dickhead. I would rather be a motivational person than be a dickhead just to get paid, to get a $10,000-match. I understand why they do it, I just don’t agree with it. It’s not my style.” Hinger told jiu jitsu times

Meanwhile Jones is famously self deprecating having promoted the hashtag #f*ckcraigjones and is well known for being outspoken and not guarded in his matches.

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