Craig Jones Reveals What Really Happened During his Infamous Rolling Session with Ashton Kutcher

Craig Jones Reveals What Really Happened During his Infamous Rolling Session with Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher came back in BJJ news when he was promoted to brown belt in late 2019 by his long time instructor Rigan Machado. Kutcher has been training more or less regularly for the past 5 years (He got his purple belt at the end of 2014).

Kutcher started training BJJ sometime in 2013, got his blue belt in early 2014 and purple at the end of 2014. The progression was very fast but Kutcher, having grown up in Iowa, had a strong wrestling background.

Ashton Kutcher Promoted To Brown Belt in BJJ

ADCC bronze medalist Jeff Glover questioned Kutcher’s true level in BJJ especially since Machado has a system in place for celebrities that train BJJ where there is no sparring. He calls it ‘Flow Jiu-Jitsu’:

Rigan Machado Designs Jiu-Jitsu System without Sparring for Celebrities

Jeff Glover stated on social media:

You got punked, he’s never even trained . What tournament did he win ?

Then added:

You think Rigan would just give brown for nothing ? Of course he’s good.


A few years back, when Rigan Machado was asked by reporters how Kutcher would do against UFC fighter and BJJ brown belt Conor McGregor in a grappling match, Machado told TMZ Sports:

“I put all my money (on) Ashton Kutcher. I think he could do really, really good. He’s 200 pounds, 6-2, 6-3, he’s the best.”

This is the first ever footage of Kutcher rolling and he does so with ADCC medalist Craig Jones:


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The footage provoked mostly backlash from the BJJ community as they were questioning Kutcher’s supposed brown belt level.

Craig Jones in this recent interview explained how the rolling session came about and what really happened.


“I went to Rigan’s gym and he says to me, like come in you can train with Ashton Ashton who had just had a serious medical condition, I don’t know if it was a stroke but half his body stopped working so he couldn’t move too well so then there’s Rigan who is like: “roll with him. I’ll film it and he films. So we posted online and got like a thousand comments like “look at this fake F*cker. This guy’s a loser. I hate this guy like a thousand comments and
then Ashton comments on like “thanks for the roll”. I was like, I was just like obviously it’s tough to be feeling too sympathetic to the celebrities and stuff but you see things like that you’re like it’s rough no wonder they hide in a hole.”

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