Craig Jones’ Heavy Duty Side Smash Pass

Craig Jones’ Heavy Duty Side Smash Pass

Craig Jones is known in the grappling circles as the guy who came out of nowhere and submitted huge stars Leandro Lo, Murilo Santana and even the UFC’s Chael Sonnen at the 2017 ADCC. He completely shocked the BJJ/grappling world with his daring grappling style.

Craig has a very well rounded game which consists of complex leg lock system, a world class Z guard, triangle chokes from everywhere and his trademark smash pass style.

He has opened up his game to grapplers worlwide with his instructional series from BJJ Fanatics which are all all best sellers: “Down Under Leg Attacks“, “Z Guard Encyclopedia” and “Triangle Machine” .

In this video, Craig shows one of his most effective guard passes, the side smash pass against half guard.

Key points are to constantly switch your hips from side to side so that your opponent expects you to go for a knee slice, then as they start defending that guard pass, you switch to the other side for a side smash.

Once you have dragged their leg completely to the side, you need to lay on top of their leg and place your body in a way to make feel as heavy as possible. Never release any pressure and slowly go to either mount or pass the guard.

Here is Craig showing the pass:

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