Craig Jones’ Floating Windshield Wiper Guard Pass

Craig Jones’ Floating Windshield Wiper Guard Pass

This guard pass is awesome!

Craig likes to use this guard pass when his opponent has bumped/lifted him in a butterfly guard and he’s been forced to put my hands on the ground. At this point, Craig keeps his weight low and he is using both hands as posts which allows to float over his opponent.

Now here is where the magic happens. Craig pummels his outer foot and also flaring the lower leg as well. He then float passes over the legs of the opponent straight to mount.

Another viable option coming from the same set up is to windshield wipe his legs straigth to knee on belly or side control depending on how the opponent reacts.

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Australia’s Craig Jones made a huge impact last year when came out of nowhere and dominated and submitted huge stars Leandro Lo, Murilo Santana and even the UFC’s Chael Sonnen at the 2017 ADCC.

Craig’s game is very well rounded consisting of a extensive leg lock system, amazing Z guard, triangle chokes from all positions and his effective smash pass style.

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Here is his floating pass:

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